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Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request, please email or call Pastor Schoch.  507-732-5421

Adult Ministries
Many opportunities exist for adult ministries.  Below are a few examples.
  • Adult Bible Studies
  • Bible Information Class
  • Choir
  • Handbell Choir
  • Power Hour
  • School Parent Organization (SPO)
  • Fellowship Activites
    • Sweetheart Dinner
    • Road Rally
    • Golf Outtings
    • Potlucks
    • Soup Suppers
    • Recreational Activities
  • And more!

Youth Ministries
We offer many opportunities for youth education and fellowship.  Below are a few examples:
  • Kids of Christ Preschool & Childcare
  • Lutheran Elementary School
  • Sunday School
  • Teen Bible Study
  • Junior Choir
  • Teen Activities
    • Community Service Projects
    • Mission Trips
    • Potlucks
    • Youth Worship Service
    • Softball League
    • Youth Rally
    • Group Activities/Events
  • And more!
Personal Ministries
We are concerned with the spiritual needs of every individual.  There are situations that arise in all of our lives that call for individualized care of our souls.  You are encouraged to seek that care from our pastor.

At the time of a wedding, there are many plans to make and many steps involved in carrying out those plans.  We strive to provide a couple with important counsel and guidance from God's Word so that they will establish a Christ-centered marriage and family life.  For that reason, we only perform weddings for those who are members of our congregation or who are willing to attend our Bible Information Class.
Those who wish to be married at Christ Lutheran will meet with the pastor shortly after the engagement to discuss the wedding service.  They will also be required to attend our pre-marital counseling course that focuses on building a Christ-centered home and provides guidance for dealing with common issues in marriage.

Birth and Adoption
At the birth of a child, members are encouraged to inform the pastor so that the pastor can visit the family in the hospital.  Baptisms arrangements can be made at that time or by phoning the church office.  Baptism can be administered in the hospital, at the home, in a private service at church or in a regular worship service.  It is important that baptism take place as soon after the birth as possible.

Personal Counseling
The pastor is able to provide spiritual counseling for a number of situations: marriage counseling, individual spiritual struggles, anxieties, depression or questions about the Bible's teachings.  The pastor is not a professional counselor.  If professional counseling is required, he will be able to provide information and referral to a professional Christian counselor.

Illness and Shut-In
At a time of illness, it is important to receive comfort and assurance from God's Word.  The pastor is able to visit you in the hospital or in your home to speak words of comfort from the Word of God.  Please informt the pastor if you are hospitalized. 
If you are unable to be in God's house for an extended period or if you become shut-in, please speak to Pastor so that he can arrange a visit to your home to provide you with the Lord's Supper.

Death and Burial
Since death is a time of great spiritual testing and is the gate from this world to our home in heaven, it is vital that a person is spiritually prepared to stand before god.  Personal ministry to the dying and to the family of one who is dying is a priority for the pastor.  Contact the pastor immediately when this time comes.  The pastor conducts funerals and memorial services for the members of the congregation and those who are under his spiritual care.