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    Our Philosophy
  • Welcome to Kids of Christ Learning Center! Kids of Christ is a ministry of Christ Ev. Lutheran Church and is designed to teach each child that they are a special person for whom Christ lived, died, and rose again.

    We offer a child-centered, activity-based approach to early childhood education, one which focuses on the well-rounded development of the child's spiritual, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional processes.

    A variety of experiences are included: Bible stories, chapel, brief periods of formal instruction, structured and free play, science and math activities, language activities, computer activities, music and art.
  • SPIRITUAL: The child will:
    1. Learn that Jesus is his/her best friend and Savior from sin.
    2. Learn that the Bible is God's Word.
    3. Learn God's plan of salvation and His love for each of them.
    4. Gain a greater understanding of God's world and all He has created.
    5. Learn to apply God's truths to everyday living through the daily use of prayer, worship and devotion.
    6. Learn that all abilities are gifts from God and are to be used to serve God.

    SOCIAL: The staff will strive to:
    1. Help each child learn to enjoy the friendship of others-both children and adults.
    2. Help each child learn to work and play independently.
    3. Give each child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.
    4. Provide each child with opportunities to experience success.
    5. Strengthen family ties and to help parents understand their children better.

    EMOTIONAL: The staff will strive to:
    1. Instill in each child a healthy self-image as a child of God.
    2. Help each child understand his feelings and how to cope with them in a God-pleasing way.
    3. Instill in each child the awareness of their God-given abilities and learn to respect the varying abilities of others.

    PHYSICAL: The child will:
    1. Develop fine motor skills such as: cutting, coloring, writing, using glue, etc.
    2. Develop gross motor skills such as: hopping, skipping, throwing and catching a ball, etc.
    3. Practice safety, hygiene, nutrition and basic health procedures through everyday experiences.

    INTELLECTUAL: The staff will strive to:
    1. Inspire in each child the love of learning.
    2. Extend familiarity with God's Word.
    3. Acquaint children with good literature and literacy activities. Pre-number and number concepts will be extended through problem-solving experiences with sequence, sizes, shapes, and other organized play activities.
    4. Help your child develop an ever-increasing attention span.
We are currently offering Monday-Friday sessions of preschool for children 33 months -5 years old.  Parents may choose two or three day/week sessions for their child. Each session runs from 8:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. 

The school year is September through May. Please consult the calendar for vacations, teacher workdays, and conference days so you can plan accordingly. Preschool will not operate on days when Christ Lutheran School is closed, including weather related closures.

Summer childcare is available from June 4-August 30.  The Center is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Call the Center for summer rates.

    Child Care Hours
    6:30 am to 6:00 pm

    The Learning Center will be closed on the following holidays:

    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day & Friday
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day
    New Year's Day
    Good Friday
    Memorial Day
    4th of July
    Kids of Christ Program
  • Kids of Christ is a Christ-centered preschool. At Kids of Christ, children thrive in a safe and comfortable environment where exploration and interaction are encouraged and supported. Our preschool provides experiences for construct-ion, self-expression, dramatic play, language, experimentation and large and small motor activity. Children move freely from one center of interest to another, exploring, wandering, dancing, singing, playing, and listening. These are all ways of learning. As children mature they use materials and experiences in more complex ways and thus develop new skills and lengthen their attention spans.

    The amount of time outside will vary depending on the weather. We hope to use our outdoor equipment because it develops large muscle skills and because the children can express themselves freely and loudly.  The major activity of young children is PLAY and it is the basic ingredient of all learning. The young child learns best with concrete, specific and tangible materials and sees greater value in the actual handling of objects than in the use of abstract symbols which represent the object. One of our goals is to help children develop habits of observing, questioning and listening. These habits give increasing awareness of their own feelings and their right to express those feelings through various means such as talking, moving, drawing, building, etc.

  • Kids of Christ uses High/Scope Curriculum.
    In the High/Scope educational approach, children are active learners, supported and challenged by adults. The heart of the High/Scope approach is the plan-do-review sequence in which children make choices, carry out their ideas, and reflect on what they learned. These activities promote initiative and independence. In addition, children engage in group activities, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills, and exercise large muscles during outdoor time.

    Christ Light Bible Stories will be taught each week. Each family will receive a folder with stories. Read them together at home, you are welcome to keep the stories.

    Spark: physical education which promotes safe and developmentally appropriate movement through a variety of activities.
Kids of Christ Learning Center is a non-profit organization governed by the Youth Discipleship Board of Christ Ev. Lutheran Church.

The program is licensed by the state of Minnesota. Their phone number is 1-651-296-3971. A copy of Rule 3 is available upon request.

The main determiners of the quality of any preschool program are the teachers.  The lead teacher at Kids of Christ has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and is currently licensed by the state of MN for grades K-6.  She is committed to taking continuing education courses and attending child development workshops each year.

The teacher/child ratio is as follows:
1 staff person for every 10 children
*According to Rule 3 Center Regulations

    Age & Number of Children Served
  • Kids of Christ currently operates with three teachers. The maximum number of children allowed by the department of human services for the state of Minnesota (Rule 3) is 30.

    Provided there are openings, Kids of Christ accepts children any time during the school year who turn 33 months old and are toilet-trained.
    Admission Eligibility
  • Kids of Christ Learning Center has been established in order to provide spiritual growth and quality education to the children who attend. All children are welcome without reference to race, creed, national origin or sex. However, priority will be given to the member’s children of Christ Lutheran congregation and Christ Lutheran School families.  Any remaining openings will be open to the public on a first- come, firstserve basis.

    This childcare program is offered for children ages 33 months through age 12.

    **All children entering should be toilet-trained. Communication with the director is essential in this area.
    Initial Admissions Procedures
  • Registration must be filled out by one of the parents or guardian. An admissions and arrangements form, immunization record and health care summary is required for each child by the State of Minnesota. It must be filled out and signed by a parent and is due the first day of class. No child will be admitted without these forms completed. It is state law!

    Applications for preschool for the following school year will taken beginning in April. (Childcare children are admitted throughout the year, provided there are openings available).
    Registration Fee
  • There is a registration fee of $65 per family per school year. The fee is $50 for those re-enrolling. The fee covers administrative and supply costs. This fee is due at the time of registration and is not refundable.
    Lunch Program
  • Our school participates in the Zumbrota/Mazeppa public schools’ hot lunch program.

    At registration you will be given more information on this program as well as the necessary forms for applying for free or reduced price meals.

    Your child does not have to eat hot lunch every day. However, on days your child does not eat hot lunch you must provide a nutritious sack lunch for him/her including servings from the bread & cereal, fruit, vegetable, protein, and dairy food groups. Please label all food items brought to the center.

    One milk is included with the hot lunch. Additional milk may be purchased.

To apply,
please contact us!
Call 507-732-5367
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