How it works:

Christ Lutheran School sponsors a program which allows you to purchase scrip. Scrip is a term meaning “substitute money” and is a universal name for real and negotiable paper gift certificates or prepaid debit cards that are used just like cash. The scrip is issued by national and local retailers where many of us already shop. The scrip you purchase generates 2-15% rebates from participating retailers. These rebates benefit our school programs.  As an incentive, the CLS Scrip offers 50% of the rebates to you.  Your 50% can be given as an undesignated or specified contribution to our school programs, applied as credit for a student’s tuition, or received as cash back.

Scrip is fundraising while you shop. With over 700 retailers nationwide, you can earn money for your child’s tuition and school programs from everyday purchases such as food, fuel, clothing, home improvement or entertainment


1.     Complete the Scrip Program Agreement and turn it into the CLS office. You will then be provided with an enrollment code.

2.     Go to and click on Register, then click on Join a Scrip Program.

3.     Enter the enrollment code followed by your user information.


Purchase on-line with Order forms can also be obtained in the CLS office. Turn in completed forms to the CLS office before the second Friday of each month. Your order will be ready to pick up by the following Thursday.

NOTE: If you would like to purchase scrip and contribute 100% of the rebate to the school’s undesignated fund, it is not necessary to register for an account.  Simply complete the order form and enclose your payment along with contact information for us to reach you when it is ready!

If you have any further question, you can contact Jennifer Prigge.